State High Students Become Professional


Exploring business students enjoying their meal at Mountain View Country Club. Freshman Leslie Powers said, “ It was a valuable, and fun experience to go through with my friends. I had a good time learning about how you dress for these events and learning what is, and isn’t acceptable.” The students practiced professional dinner etiquette on the field trip so that they are prepared for future dinner meetings.

Meg Felsmann, Staff Writer


A handful of State High students were given a great opportunity to strengthen their social skills with their peers. The exploring business classes at State High took a field trip to Mountain View Country Club on Thursday, November 2nd. For many years the business teachers have used this trip to educate the students in an entertaining way. The trip is designed to teach students about the proper business used when eating in a professional setting. During the week prior to the trip the exploring business classes students learned how to properly dress, eat, and act in a business professional setting. After learning about these important social behaviors, the business classes can now say that they would be able to behave properly at a formal business dinner. For the field trip, the boys and girls were required to dress in business professional attire. The business teachers believe that now is an appropriate time to have the students buy these outfits because they will start needing them for their future careers. Boys were expected to wear a tie while girls wore either a dress/skirt or dress pants.

At the country club, the dining room was split up into many different tables so that the student could act as though they were at a fancy dinner. The students and faculty were then served their food and ate as though they were at a dinner meeting.  Freshman Riley Mehalick said, “I learned a lot on the field trip. I never realized how much there was to think about when eating.”  Bridgit Ciolkosz,  Cory Raupers, and Rodney Thomson were the three teachers that went on the field trip. Before the students were served, each teacher gave a mini lesson on proper business etiquette. This then helped the students be more aware of how to act when eating their meal. Unlike some schools, State High is able to provide many business courses to students. Bridget Ciolkosz said, “The skills students learned will be able to be used in any professional setting including job interviews, weddings, and meetings. In a world where professionalism is on the decline, this will really help students stand out amongst a crowd in a positive way.” Now that the Exploring Business classes have wrapped up business etiquette, they are moving on to marketing. The students who went on this field trip were given a beneficial experience by being taught what to expect in potential future business situations.