Venture Crew 325 Reaches New Highs through COPE


Payton Treaster, Staff Writer

Venture Crew 325 is a program that is similar boy scouts but it is for girls and boys. The coed crew is for those that are ages 14-20. It is not a program through State High, but there are some adventurous students who are members of the crew. John Arrington, a senior at State High, joined Venture Crew 325 three years ago. He decided to join the Venture Crew to, “take part in activities that I could not do through Boy Scouts. Not long after joining, I gained a tight knit group of friends.” The Venture Crew offers opportunities that are unique from other boy scout troops due to the fact that this is a coed program. The crew embarks on trips and does activities that may be seen as aimed at a more mature group.

On November 4th and 5th, the crew took a trip to Camp Karoondinha in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. At this camp there is a special class called COPE. which stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, and is essentially a high ropes course. As the President of Venture Crew 325, senior Liana Craig says, “we got to zipline, we did group obstacles like getting our entire group over a 12 foot wall (and that was immensely difficult), we even got to repel down a five story tower in the dark.” The venturing program offers new experiences for an older group of teenagers, and allows them to get similar life skills as Boy Scouts do. The Venture Crew is especially great for teenage girls who would love to participate in the same activities and trips as Boy Scouts do, but they unfortunately can’t, as Boy Scouts is a strictly male program. Venture Crew gives everyone the chance to learn critical life skills and get recognized for their efforts in the group.