Trick or Treating: A Night of Candy and Fun


Another Halloween has come and gone, but the memories of Trick or Treating will not be forgotten. State College kicked off its Trick or Treating festivities on Tuesday, October 31 between 6-8 pm. Trick or Treating has become a major fad over the past century with people of all ages dressing up in a variety of costumes. Running from door to door dressed up as someone or something else and begging for candy has become a night that people look forward to year round. Many costumes take time and dedication to be ready for this “spooktacular” night full of candy and fun. While costumes vary from gruesome monsters to pretty princesses, students at State High proved that Trick or Treating isn’t all about the candy.

Senior Gracie McDonough went trick or treating with her friends on Halloween night. Some people may think that a seventeen year old has outgrown this tradition, but others think otherwise. “My favorite part about Trick or Treating is being able to go eat a lot of candy and to have fun with my friends,” McDonough said. Trick or Treating isn’t about the candy, it’s about being with the people you love and celebrating this spooky holiday together which is something you never outgrow.

While going door to door seems like the most popular thing to do on Halloween night, it wouldn’t be possible without the people who hand out the delicious candy. Mrs. Rupert, a math teacher at State High, hands out candy with her family every Halloween. “I love the little kids when they say thank you, I think it’s so sweet,” Rupert said. “I think I like princess costumes the best.”

No matter how you spend this night of fright, you can always find a way to have fun. Whether you wear a costume or hand out candy, Halloween spirit is was makes Trick or Treating the best it can be. Now that Halloween 2017 is finished, people are beginning to make plans for next Halloween’s costumes, and are looking forward to the fun they will have in the years to come.