Fall Festivities with Best Buddies


Seniors, Esther Seeland and Sam Moyer, enjoy each other’s company while playing Thanksgiving-themed bingo. Esther said Best Buddies is a, “a great experience and you get to know people you don’t normally spend a lot of time around.” Best Buddies continues to provide a welcoming environment for all students to make new friends and have fun!

Emma Ryan, Staff Writer

Sunday afternoon was filled with lots of excitement when Best Buddies hosted a Fall Fun Day with lots of food and activities. Buddy pairs and other Best Buddies members gathered in the South cafeteria on November 19th for a day filled with lots of laughs and singing! The get together consisted of yummy snacks and make-your-own turkey wraps, coloring and singing, bingo, and pin the feather on the turkey. Everyone who attended had a great time and could not keep the smiles off of their faces!

The party started with a few words spoken by Co-President, Chloe Bevilacqua. She explained how excited she was to see everyone attending which created a very welcoming atmosphere for the rest of the day. The guests got especially excited when it was time to eat the tasty treats everyone brought. Seniors were asked to provide drinks, juniors brought fruit, sophomores provided snacks like chips and pretzels, and freshman were asked to bring desserts and baked goods. Something special about the event was the request to bring a bottle of salad dressing to donate to the food bank. Not only was the party a fun time but it also allowed members to donate to a good cause. While eating, buddies and members were encouraged to color and mingle. Everyone got to converse and meet new people while munching on delicious food. Soon, it was time for a game of bingo. The buddies had such an enjoyable time playing a festive Thanksgiving themed bingo game and got a chance to win some candy as well! Next, members gathered in a circle to sing fun, interactive songs. To end the day, everyone participated in a fun game of pin the feather on the turkey! The guests enjoyed seeing everyone’s attempts at putting the feather in the right place.

Best Buddies is a fun and inclusive way to make new friendships that will last for a very long time. Whether it is a Fall Fun Day or a movie night, Best Buddies is always doing an entertaining activity that welcomes all who wish to come. Bevilacqua said the atmosphere was, “full of people who want to feel welcomed and it’s always a lot of fun.” Another member, senior Esther Seeland, commented about her experience in Best Buddies and said, “it’s always fun and everyone is so great.” The Best Buddies Fall Fun Day created an enjoyable day for all while emphasizing the welcoming environment that comes with being a member of this amazing club.