Pitch Perfect 3 Falls Flat


In a much anticipated closing to the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Pitch Perfect 3 finds itself struggling to work with the original material that helped bring the series to the spotlight. “I thought it was better than the second movie but I still felt like it didn’t uphold the same intriguing plot line like the first one,” sophomore Kendall Kleinman said. With the majority of the main characters graduated from college, the film focuses more on the friendships kept between the singers of the Barden Bellas, rather than their quest for collegiate a cappella glory. Paying homage to the plots of the previous two movies, the Bellas are still involved in a competition, however this time it is against bands using instruments. All musical groups are performing on tour for the military and being watched by Grammy nominated rapper DJ Khaled. The different groups are competing for a slot to open for DJ Khaled’s concert at the end of the tour, and all hope to sign a recording deal with him. While the main plot was rather straightforward, it was somewhat overshadowed by the outlandish side plot involving Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and her criminal father (John Lithgow). While the strained relationship between the two brought some enjoyable comedic scenes, it didn’t blend well with the rest of the movie. The climax was a hostage crisis involving explosives and unexplained fighting skills. It appeared as if the producers couldn’t decide if they wanted a funny chick-flick or an action movie. “I found it pointless and it felt as if they were just trying to add time to the movie,” Kleinman said. Along with the confusion in the plot, much of the awkward humor prevalent in the previous two films was strained to try and get more laughs, which at times just got cringey. However, as a whole, the film wasn’t trying to take itself too seriously and just be a good time, which it achieved. Jokes were made out of obvious plot holes from the previous films and the characters even made fun of the ridiculousness of the movie. With catchy songs and a well-deserved happy ending, Pitch Perfect 3 was a good finale for fans of the franchise.