New Year, New Mastersingers


Students wait as they are about to be called into the audition room. This is the choir room where Mastersingers practices and holds their rehearsals. Sarah Ambrose said,” I was much more confident than last year because I am currently in Master Singers, but it can still be nerve wracking because there is a lot at stake in the auditions.Even though I made some errors here and there, I’m hoping that I left the right impression.” Pictured by Isabelle Snyder.

Meg Felsmann, Staff Writer

Master Singers is starting and the talent this year is at its peak. Master Singers is a very special class at State High because an audition is required to take part in it. Before the semester starts, students wanting to participate in this program must be accepted into the course. Returning students also must re audition each year. With the third marking period and new semester starting, auditions were held for the class during the second week back from winter break. The auditions are very specific and particular so that they can grasp how advanced and skilled each singer is. Mr.Clayton, the choir teacher at State High is the one that runs Master Singer auditions. The auditions consist of four components: a range exercise, a pitch memory exercise, a sight-singing exercise, and lastly the performance of a prepared piece. Obviously, the auditions are quite intense so that they can understand the complexity of each singers voice and performance. As it is a new year, there are obviously new students joining: freshman. Clayton said, “The 2017-2018 Freshman Class is one of the more talented classes I have taught in my 10 year career.  They are hard working, spirited, comedic, and most of all talented.  I am very excited for their future.” Hopefully, this year Master Singers will come out stronger than ever. Frankie Dorman, a freshman said, “It was stressful, but also relieving and I’m glad that I did it.” Of course though, the upperclassmen are just as equal to congratulate. They have won and performed in many concerts during their years at State High. Savannah Wilson, a senior said, “My favorite moments are during the winter pops concerts. It allows members to show off their other skills. It’s just overall a really fun concert and I love being a part of it.” They are performing in a number of events this year like the Penn State Choir concert, the State College Choral Society, the All-State Conference, and more. Master Singers is an advanced choir class that one should not look over. They are a hardworking, talented group at State High and they will definitely achieve great things this year.