DECA Hosts Mr. & Ms. State High Showcase for Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Nick Vanden, senior, performs his stand up comedy routine.

Grace Roeshot

In support of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, 14 men and 12 women dressed up in formal attire and competed in order to be crowned Mr. and Ms. State High for a prize of $100. Lizzie Hamlett, senior, and Shane Ankney-Wrye, junior, won Ms. and Mr. State High, respectively.

On Saturday, January 20th at 6pm, DECA held its annual Mr. State High Showcase in the name of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. In past years the showcase has been called, “Mr. State High.” This year, however, they allowed females to compete as well. The contest began when Sophia Rallis, senior, stood at the podium and announced the couples as they walked onto the stage. The 22 contestants wrote an introduction which were read by Rallis, and introduced the couples, their interests, hobbies, extracurriculars, and where they are attending college and their intended majors.

The initial introductions were followed by a short video explaining the where the donations for the night were going. This year, the event supported The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is a charity which funds research for finding a cure for childhood cancer and supports families and children going through treatment. “We raised roughly $2,000,” Rallis said.

The foundation was created by a young girl named Alex after she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. When she was only four years old, “Alex held her first childhood cancer fundraiser in her front yard and raised over $2,000,” according to the founding website, When she passed away in 2004, Alex had raised $1 million through her various lemonade stands. The foundation continues to raise money today and fund research for a cure.

The talent portion of the night included a wide variety of performances. Ted Zhang, senior, sung a Bruno Mars song and played the guitar. Nick Vanden, senior, did a stand up comedy routine.

 Seniors Keally Haushalter and Julia Neely did a dance routine to a plethora of well known songs. Kyra Gines, sophomore, recited a poem called, “I am a Woman.” Gines is a member of Forensics club and recites poetry during competitions. On the poetry that she recited, Gines said it, “tends to be a poem I do every tournament and because I was so familiar with it, I just memorized it and recited it.”

Similar to other types of pageants, contestants endured an interview portion of the night. Later on, audience members were given the chance to vote for their favorite contestants. Hamlett and Ankney-Wrye were announced as the 2018 winners. “They stepped forward and then we stayed up there for pictures a bit and then we all left to get back into comfortable clothes and shoes,” Gines said.

The DECA showcase was a successful night of talent, fun, and supporting an important cause. Rallis said, “I think more people should attend next year because it is a great opportunity to support fellow students while raising money for charity!”