New Library Opening


Olivia Zhang, Staff writer

After winter break, State High students moved from old buildings to a brand new, large and bright building. The school library was combined from two separate libraries in different buildings together to one. The new library was opened on January 22nd.  At the back of D pod bottom floor is where the new library settled.


In the past, the north building library generally served for juniors and seniors, and the south building served for sophomores and freshmen. Now, all books can be found in one library and students from all grades going to the same library. “ It is much more convenient for students. However, we are trying to serve twice as many students with one library instead of two,” Mr.Morath said.


Moving all books from the old libraries to the new library was a huge process for the library staff members. They labeled the boxes, transported them from old buildings to the new building and arranged all books. “ We packed the fiction books, we unpacked them and combined them together. The nonfiction books we combined last year little bit at a time,” Mrs. Scarangella said.


The new library set up space for students with their needs. The new library area is divided into four parts. There is silent space for students who need quiet space for studying. A quiet area for students to read and talk quietly. There is a group work area for students to work together and an ask place for library staff to help students with resources. Students can make their own choice to choose where to sit. For students who want to take a study hall at the library, they need to fill out a reservation form online before they go to the library.


The way to borrow or return a book is still the same as in the past. Students can use the computer at the library to help them find a book they want, or they can ask librarians for help. All books are labeled by numbers and stored in the book shelves. Students are welcome to go the new library at the new building.