IM Skiing and Snowboarding Takes The Slopes

Alex Voight-Shelley, Staff Writer

Every year, we see a surge in students participating in winter sports. IM Skiing and Snowboarding are great opportunities for State High students to try something new with their peers. “The best part about it is getting to spend time with friends.” Jessica Gondac, a member of IM Skiing and Snowboarding said. “It’s just fun to be with friends and have a good time.” Gondac and her friends are new to skiing and snowboarding, and sometimes take lessons. After school on Wednesdays, the program boards a Fullington bus, and they are driven to Tussey after school lets out. They arrive at the slopes by 4:00 p.m. This is all available through the program, and no experience is necessary to join.

Thomas Reddington, a math teacher at State High, recently took over as head of the IM program last year. The previous organizer, Jack Lyke, a biology teacher, stepped down to focus on the many other clubs he leads. When Mr. Lyke stepped down, and no other teacher took the job, Mr. Reddington decided he would accept the position. He expressed; “I enjoy skiing so much, that I thought it would be a shame to deny students the opportunity I didn’t have.” Mr. Reddington did not begin skiing until he had graduated college, but instantly fell in love with the sport. He initially discovered the program through Mr. Lyke. Mr. Reddington noticed a pair of skis in Mr. Lyke’s classroom, and asked him about them. Those skis were enough to peak his interest and led to him investigating more about what the program offered. He found out and how they offered free rentals and passes to adult chaperones volunteering for the program. Taking the opportunity, Mr. Reddington was able to experience a new generation of skiing, and promoted his students to do the same. “I have so much joy skiing.” He said, “I find it so relaxing. It can be just you and the mountain.” He believes you can gain so much from joining the program. “It enables you to learn a winter sport you can take with you for the rest of your life.” The sport allows you to ski with your friends, and also meet new and like minded people.

The program offers a wide range of paying options for rentals and passes. This link will lead you to the IM Rates.


The IM Program is a unique experience for everyone in State College. State High is incredibly privileged to have a winter sport program which provides a fun and entertaining time , and that can help lead to a lifetime of enjoyment. “We are so blessed to have Tussey in our  backyard.” finished Thomas Reddington. And for anyone who has already experienced the wonders of Tussey Mountain, they will understand what he is talking about. For those who have yet to try skiing at Tussey, you still have time during the six more weeks of winter!