Groundhog’s Day Party – ESL Style


Senior Nicholas Rusinque and Sophomore Albaraa Alshabanat, after eating a delicious lamb from Saudi Arabia in the room A225 on the groundhog day party.

Joao De Araujo, Staff Writer

In most families in United States, everyone knows what is the “Groundhog day”. But before today, the ESL students had no idea what it is.


Mr. Wilson and Ms. Harpster (ESL teachers) decided to create a different Groundhog day party, they invited every ESL student in our school to be at room A225 on Friday, February 2 at 8am, to watch the movie “Groundhog day” and to share their food that they eat in their countries.


Senior Laith Hayajneh, from Jordan, said, “I didn’t know what was the groundhog party when I was in Jordan, the first time I’ve seen people talking about that was last week. It’s a really cool party, but I don’t have that much information about groundhog and what is the meaning of the party.” Senior Abdulmajeed Alqahtani, from Saudi Arabia, said,“I didn’t know this party before I come to United States, but I’m enjoying the party, the movie explain for us exactly what we need to know, and it’s awesome to have different foods from different countries, because we can know a bit of culture of every part of the world.”


After a awesome party Mr. WIlson said, “Groundhog day is a great celebration, a Pennsylvanian tradition in which Pennsylvanians and Americans believe in this magical ground squirrel who can predict the weather and it’s kind of shows people should be a little crazy in their lives, so it’s fun for us to talk about this holiday it’s fun for us to talk about the movie and it’s fun for us to get together for a party.”