A Frustrating Problem That has Almost Been Fixed


A limited lunch menu sits on the counter of the snack bar. The snack bar began serving lunch on Wednesday, February 14. Freshman Victoria Lesher said, “Having the snack bar serve lunch is a smart idea so that people don’t have to cross to buy a lunch.” The snack bar is open during all lunch periods.

Dayo Olorunnisola, Staff Writer

On February 14, the snack bar, located on the first floor of C-pod, started serving a limited lunch menu. The snack bar, which is open from 8:30 to 11:00, will extend its hours to meet the demand of students who don’t want to leave the building for lunch.

But what do students think about the decision?

“I like the idea,” said freshman Brandon Ngan.  “It makes sense and it allows the snack bar to be open throughout the day which means other students can get a snack on the way to class.”

“I wish they would just open the cafeteria already,” said freshman Ava Fuller, “They should have finished it sooner, or at least had it done with the new building, or at least make a shortcut to getting to the South.”

  The snack bar’s lunch menu is limited: turkey sandwich, PBJ, parfait, apple slices, carrots, and milk. Freshman Tori Lesher said, “It’s not much of a variety but it’s alright for the most part.” Grace Argiro, who is also a freshman, said, “I think they’re good options, though I’d prefer to be default handed a real apple rather than processed slices.”

Five out of the six students surveyed said that the snack bar serving lunch was a good idea, and an improvement upon leaving the building for lunch, but none of them were sure they’d ever use the service. For the most part, they just want the new cafeteria to be finished so that the crossing between buildings is eliminated.

The new cafeteria was supposed to be open when students returned from Winter Break, but the opening has now been delayed twice, first until the end of January and now until after Spring Break. The delay makes it so that students have to leave the building for lunch, which, in the winter, caused some irritation.

Ngan said, “As a freshman, I feel like I’m being pushed away, so to speak. And I am tired of eating at the South Building due to limited options.”

Freshman Lila Decker said, “I don’t like it and think it’s an inconvenience. The students have to walk in the cold or rain to eat, and then they have to walk back when they’re done.”

It seems, for the most part, that students don’t want to leave the building for lunch. They don’t mind the snack bar serving lunch, but they just want the cafeteria, where they can buy a variety of food without having to brave the elements.