Never Ending

Abigail Baker

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Beautiful eyes
Beautiful mind, heart, body, and soul
Trapped inside this wild ride that has completely lost control.
Taking a trip to nowhere, going on without a plan.
Wishes, wants, cravings, and more .. Circle her mind then leave her poor, because she’s so used to changing .. when she’s bored.

Crazy it seems
A crazy life of mysteries
Why me?
Why this?
Why am I like that?
Questions always circle but are always left unsaid.

Wander her mind
Making her feel like many things at a time.
Mood is changed on a hourly basis, spiraling out of control
Leaving nothing but bits and pieces out on the floor.

Picking them up and placing them together
Has made her torn; after each time it became more and more of a chore.  Pieces are lost from all the previous repairs.. She always questions if she will go on.. Or just give up her voice.. For it never had a purpose or a great force.

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