Jaret Beyer


One routine post meridian

               in my backyard

Rose Marie and Juno


                my siblings to guard

I glimpse toward

                the crummy, loaded nets

Surely to get

                our family out of debt

The pearly pelicans must know

Soaring high above

Eyes on a bundle of their prey

Dad and Juno

                 heading back out

For some extra blessed trout

I hurdle out

                 the bedroom window

For the compensation

                 of some escargot

Paddle to Uncle and Rose Marie

                 once chestnut dock twas splintery

I grip the banana rope

No time to mope


                  the destruction of Hurricane Irma

Juno and Rose Marie,

                  the few to survive

Thankful for my Homeport

                  to not drop out

Thankful for my Homeport.