National Spanish Exam

Katelyn James

The National Spanish Exam is a test that students sign up to take it. It tests their skills, and if they achieve a really high score, there are prizes that range from awards all the way to scholarships. While few students achieve this, some believe that it not beneficial to their future, while others think that it could set them on their way.

Maria Peno, senior, said, “I think that it is really good, and it helps a lot of people get on their way to do what they want in the future.” Taking this exam could get you a scholarship to school, where you could major in Spanish. Peno has very different impressions than Paulina Tabachnikova, freshman, who said, “It wasn’t that hard, but there is no way of knowing what my score was. It is not beneficial to your future because it doesn’t teach you anything new, it is just a review of what you know.” It really depends how you view the test that will affect your feelings towards whether it is beneficial to your future.

Brooke Person, junior, said, “I have taken the National Spanish Exam for three years, and it is a good way to measure how much students know, and how well spanish is being taught across the U.S. it also tells us what we need to improve on. I am personally looking into a minor in Spanish, and it prepares me for more tests like this, testing my skill level. I also like how it shows me what I need to improve on, and where I am ranked nationally.” Person thinks that it is quite beneficial to her future, and could prepare her for what is ahead. Liliana Plute, senior, said, “The National Spanish Exam is pointless to take, because it’s not beneficial to your future. I definitely would not take this next year, mostly because I dropped Spanish.” Perspectives change depending on what you want. Something being beneficial to your future has different meanings for different people, depending on if they want a career in Spanish.

A student is taking the National Spanish Exam, hoping to get a good score. If you get a good score then you could get a scholarship. Katrina Cole, junior, said, “The National Spanish Exam was good, but there was a lot of stuff that I had never seen.” Even though the National Spanish Exam is hard, it could be very beneficial to your future.