Dazzling Drawings Featured for Artist’s Lunch


Lisa Li’s Artwork is featured as a part of the AP Artists’ Lunch. “I presented a series of paintings that I did using pen and acrylic paint. They are abstract and they reflect on my thoughts and emotions.” The art will be displayed for about a week.

Dayo Olorunnisola, Staff Writer

Most students may be familiar with the Advanced Placement (AP) program. It includes a variety of classes spanning various subjects and centers around the opportunity for students to take an official AP exam and earn college credit.

AP Art Studio is one of the many AP programs offered here at State High. Students create twelve concentration pieces based on a theme and twelve breadth smaller pieces intended to show a variety of techniques over the course of a school year. The pieces are graded by judges.

AP Art Studio classes encourage students to explore their artistic talents through a variety of mediums and styles. Students can then display their work for classmates, teachers or anyone else who wants to see it through the AP Artists’ Lunch. During these lunches, held every week or two, one student is chosen to feature their work for others to look at and discuss. While it’s mostly attended by teachers, anyone is welcome.

The artist featured this time was Lisa Li, a senior. Li presented a series of pen and acrylic paintings based on her concentration theme of nostalgia. “They are abstract and they reflect on my thoughts and emotions,” Li said.

Abstract art, defined by Britannica as “art in which the portrayal of things from the visible world plays no part,” has been used since the 19th century for artists to express emotions and views that do not fit into more ‘mainstream’ art styles. It allows artists to let loose and depict whatever they want, however they want. It can be inspired by a multitude of things, including dreams, feelings, or political views.

Li has been an artist since a very young age. “My parents signed me up for private art classes when I was nine,” she said, “and I’ve loved art ever since! I like that it [art] allows me to express myself in a way that speaking doesn’t, because I am shy!”

“My art teachers, as well as my favorite artists, inspire me a lot. I have learned a lot from them and they motivate me to try harder every day,” Li said.

Li plans on attending Penn State and majoring in digital design. “I love playing video games in my free time and my dream is to become a video game artist,” she said.

Look out for her work in the future!