State High On The Dance Floor


Anna H.

On April 28, 2018, Froshmore took place at Mount Nittany Middle School. Sophomores Zach Decarmine and Lokey Howell and senior Lily Plute pose for the camera before rocking the dance floor. “I went because it was the last school dance that I could have gone to other than prom. I will miss school dances because it was always fun to put on dresses and dance,” Plute said.

Tuna Safak, Staff

Let the party begin. On April 28th State High’s Froshmore took place at the Mount Nittany Middle school.

Not only underclassman weren’t allowed to attend the dance. Senior Maya Yoxtheimer said, ”My friends and I went to froshmore kind of last minute but upperclassmen usually “crash” the dance so that’s why we went.” Claudia Radzwich added “I went as a senior because it’s the last chance to go to a school dance besides in High School and it’s fun to get dressed up and be with friends.”

         The crowd consisted of all grades and the majority gave a positive feedback. “I’ve never actually been to Froshmore before this so it was a good experience for me! I liked it a lot”, said Junior Daniel Sherry”. “I had more fun than I thought I would being a senior at froshmore, ” said Radzwich. Sophomore Krista Chen stated, “I didn’t go to Froshmore last year, but I heard from my friends that it was a little better, in terms of the crowd of people that went.” Sophomore Michael Solo said, “I think it was definitely better than homecoming (making it my favorite this year), just seemed to have a better atmosphere in my opinion, “ said Michael Solo. “This Froshmore was pretty fun, I liked the DJ, in the past the music wasn’t great, ” added Yoxtheimer.

The majority of students were disappointed by the amount of people that went to have fun. “It probably wasn’t the best froshmore I’ve been to, I feel like there weren’t as many people there as there have been in the past but I still had fun, ” said  Radzwich. King said “Froshmore was a lot smaller than I had expected it to be because having only been to Homecoming that’s what I compared it to.”

In the point of view of the students there weren’t high expectations. “The dance did meet my expectations. I always imagined it to be like every other dance, “ said freshman Grace Pennabacker. Sherry agreed on that “My expectations were kinda low honestly, it’s not really a big dance like Homecoming but I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. Not my favorite dance but not my least favorite either. Pretty average.”

All in all State High kids were satisfied and content with the dance and will keep practicing the tradition.“I won’t really miss the school dances because they are really hot and crammed but they were fun while I was in high school. All school dances are about the same, hot, sweaty and crazy. I liked Froshmore because it was something fun to do with my friends before we all leave for college, ” said Yoxtheimer.