Tri-M holds its first meeting of the year


Elizabeth Bagley (left), talks to Sophia Broniszewski (right), a Tri-M member, after the meeting concluded. During the meeting they went over the schedule of events for the year. “Our goal is to get as many people involved as we can and promote music throughout our school,” said Bagley

Troy Heatwole, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, September 5th, room B115 was bustling with excitement. Five students sat at the front of the open classroom, ready to start off the year. This was the very first meeting for the Tri-M Music Society. Tri-M, or the Modern Music Masters, has a large and unknown role in the school and in the music program. They meet about once a month and during their meetings to discuss future events, and sometimes chamber music groups perform before the meetings. Elizabeth Bagley, president of Tri-M, opened up the meeting, introducing herself and the rest of the leadership to all of the members and aspiring members in the audience. Everyone who wishes to join Tri-M must volunteer at music multiple music-related activities, such as concerts and fundraisers. With lots to prepare, the leadership team of Elizabeth Bagley, Kristan Lenze, Gabe Herrera, Carene Olsson, and Lauren Leib is more than ready for the rest of the year.

While the meeting was short, the leaders had a lot to cover for the year, starting with the most urgent of events, including organizing ushers for concerts, the used instrument sale, and the Barnes & Noble fundraiser. However, they are also planning later events such as Vocal Valentines and Music Formal. When asked about any challenges that Tri-M might face, Carene Olsson, an officer for Tri-M, stated “I think the biggest challenge of the year will be communicating with all our participants. So many people in Tri-M are also part of many other clubs, and being able to juggle who’s meeting to go to each week can be challenging.”

Another concern that was brought up by Elizabeth Bagley was the availability of space this year. “Our concerts will all be in the current temporary auditorium by the cafeteria, but we don’t have concrete locations for events such as Music In Our Schools Month, Initiation, or even our meetings,” Bagley said. “Because the music wing of the school isn’t ready yet, we try to find the most convenient places for our events to take place.” Despite these minor obstacles, the Tri-M leadership core seems to have a big year ahead of them, ready to give the State High Music Program the support it needs.