What Does Art Mean To You?


Rayna Jones and Martin, Switalski, juniors, laugh while working on their art projects in Art Club.

Alexa Webb, Staff Writer

When the word art comes into your mind, what do you think of? Although art is painting, drawing, sketching, and more, it is also a mental and psychological process that can be an escape from reality.

Art is always surrounding you. When you walk through the school hallways everyday, art is there, even if you don’t notice it immediately. Some don’t recognize art or understand what it means to people around the world, but art is freedom of speech, an expression, something that gives others a voice that they didn’t think they had before.

At State High, there are several students who have creative ideas and feelings that they want to share, but some do not know how to express them, hence a club that welcomes students who want to create art and convey their emotions.

“Art is a way to express yourself. It’s cathartic and I am able to release emotions and feelings that I couldn’t through words,” Shirley Zhang, senior and president of the Art Club, said.

All around the globe, there is art. It comes in many forms. Art can be a painting, sculpture, clothing, graffiti, books, sports, and countless other things. It is simply when someone takes their creativity and imagination and applies it to an aspect of their life.

“I think it is important for others to learn about art. Because that is when they can understand a different form of communication, it helps connect others and form relationships,” junior Hely Parmar said.

Art is capable of dumbfounding things, and even provides an escape from reality or everyday problems. The State High head advisor, Mrs. Furmanek, enforces these significant factors that make students love Art Club.

“I hope the students gain personal relationships, and develop friendships with peers that do the same activities and have the same interests,” Furmanek said. “Along, with those connections, students are able to do things for others, and not just themselves.”