Roaring for the Roar Store!


Junior, Matt Allgeier and Senior, Brooklyn Heim pictured.

Rylie Grube, Staff Writer

The Roar Store has been providing students with food, school supplies, and school apparel for almost 18 years. The first Roar Store opened in January of 2001, however, planning began about a year in advance. Now the Roar Store is preparing to move into their new location next year. Mrs. Ciolkosz, Roar Store advisor, said, “Many people do not know that the Roar offers more than food and clothing. We also provide and printing and lamination service too!” Prices vary, however they try to get back to you with the cost soon after you order.

Many may take the Roar Store for granted because it has always been at their convenience. The Roar Store is largely beneficial to customers. For example, you are in between classes and your stomach starts to grumble. You are going from A1 to A3, and you definitely don’t have time to go to the cafeteria, so you swing by the Roar Store instead. You get a bag of popcorn and an iced coffee for a total of only $3.00. Such a great deal and on top of everything else you made it to your class on time. The Roar Store provides students with whatever they need, at a good price, and in a timely manner. Junior Emily Felice stated, “It reminds me of a mini convenience store for students.”
The Roar Store is beneficial to employees as well, providing them with real work experience. The managers get to learn how to run a store by themselves, under the supervision of the Business Teachers. Just like a real job, they put extra time in before opening, after closing, and during special events. Mrs. Ciolkosz explained, “Roar Store managers arrive at school at 8AM 2-3 times per week in order to open the store at 8:15AM. Managers also stay after school for different events such as back to school night, holiday hours, and curriculum night. While it may seem like a daunting task to come in early and stay late, it really gives the manager’s time to bond as a team.”  Many students take advantage of the Roar Store’s early start to the day, including junior Matt Allgeier who stated, “I usually go before school.”

In addition to putting in extra time, employees have the drive to be the best they can be and possibly to gain a leadership role in the store as they advance in the program. The employees can apply for different manager roles, including promotions, merchandising, social media, and human resources. This gives them experience with applications. Employees also go through a training program before getting to work. Even though the employees don’t get paid they do get discounts. Mrs. Ciolkosz said, “Employees get paid with experience!”

All money paid to the Roar Store goes back into the stores’ funds to buy more products. The more bought, the more advanced the Roar Store will become. Mrs. Ciolkosz said, “Anytime a purchase is made for items such as clothing, food, supplies, etc. it has to be paid for in advance. Some of the money is also used to enhance student learning experiences through conferences, events, and trainings.” So continue purchasing from the Roar Store because the more you buy, the more the Roar Store will have.