Interact Club: What Is It?


Mrs. Abruzzo, supervisor of the Interact Club, while talking to the Interact Club.   “It is not about what we do, it is about how we do it.”, said Mrs. Abruzzo. This shows the whole meaning of the club

David Galchenko, Staff Writer

Hundreds of balloons pop up here and there the Interact club has struck again with “Float on Seniors”. But what is this Interact Club?

Interact Club is a high school branch of the international service organization Rotary International.  The main goal of the Interact Club is to serve the community and complete service projects, first locally, and then globally.

The club has around 20 members, ranging from 9th to 12th grade. When asked which project was the most memorable that the Interact Club did, Jeanette Felmlee-Gartner, 12th grade (president of the club) said, that the most memorable project was last years “Float on Seniors.” In this project Interact Club delivered over 500 balloons to seniors throughout the school.

Apart from “Float on Seniors”, some of the other projects that Interact Club do include:

A cookie decorating party and a Goodwill drive in which anyone can participate. This project is great for community hours, for every 1 bag that is donated, the donor gets 1 hour of community service. And “Valentines for State High” is another annual project.

Some of the projects that were previously done by Interact club include:

Selling pom-poms for hurricane relief of which all of the collected money went to help hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. Posters for Jason, a MNMS student that got injured during a State High football game. “Tides for Thailand” is another project that Interact club helped with. After an exchange student from Thailand that went to State High drowned in North Carolina, the Interact club helped another organisation raise money for his family.

Overall Interact Club is a fun environment to be in, and an interesting way to give back to our community. This club gives a great opportunity for high school students to learn about compassion, which is an essential skill that will help them in the future.