Can I See Your ID?


Mrs. Tobias, one of the assistant principals, checks junior Molly Biver’s identity. “It [the identification card] won’t actually be effective in preventing a school shooting,” says Biver. This is the first year identification is needed to get into State High.

Kayla Shaw, Staff Writer

This is the first year that the entire student body has to have an identification card to gain entry into State High. However, many students are asking the same question. Do we really need it?

According to the principal, Mr. Johnson, they are simply an extra level of security. “I think the extra measure of security is due to a number of incidents and/or factors occurring throughout the country,” said Johnson. Students seem to believe that they aren’t very effective in the case of a school shooting.

“They don’t really do anything. The teachers and security guards take a quick glance at them, not really looking. Also they want students to be more safe but the thing they forget is, most of the school shootings that have happened were started by a student,” senior Emmersyn Atwood said.

In the cases of the Columbine, Parkland, and Santa Fe school shootings, the perpetrators were all current or former students of their respective schools.

“The ‘security measures’ are inconvenient and wouldn’t actually help if there was an actual threat,” senior Jon Bristol said.

If you forget your ID, you have to sign into the office, check with an assistant principal to see if you’re enrolled, and get a new ID from the depot.

Junior Kaylen Dutt agrees with the opinions of most. “I think that the lanyards and IDs are a bit of a hassle. Honestly it’s just another thing that I have to remember on my way out the door to school. I believe that forgetting my ID would be a pain.”