Serving With Key Club


On Thursday, September 6th, president Mackenzie Flanders and vice-president Ryan Couch present the idea of Key Club to new and current members at the first meeting of the year. Flanders and Couch briefly introduced Key Club’s mission in the presentation. Students later discussed their ideas for the homecoming parade and got to know each other. “I hope to get more students involved in the club and allow members to have a larger part in connecting with different clubs and organizations,” Flanders said.

Olivia Zhang, Staff Writer

When we see the word “Key” as a name of a club, there might be a misconception of what Key Club does. Did you ever think that Key Club would teach students how to unlock a door with technology? Actually, that is not the truth.  To help students understand what Key Club is, Key club held its first meeting of the year on Thursday, September 6th. The meeting started with the president Mackenzie Flanders and the vice president Ryan Couch giving a presentation to the new club members, briefly introducing Key Club’s mission.

Key Club is an organization which helps students get involved in our community. They organize many types of activities, such as the blood drive, a rose sale, holiday card making for soldiers, and sending socks and dolls to children’s hospitals. Students are able to fill out their volunteering hours while helping our community during these activities. “During club meetings, we do fun activities and work on small service projects for local charities and organizations. Also, our club meets outside of school to work in the community, volunteering for various events,” president Mackenzie Flanders, senior, said.

New Key Club members introduced themselves to people who sat around them and discussed ideas for the 2018-2019 homecoming parade. “We like to make sure that every club member feels involved and has a part of our float, so we vote on a majority of our float decisions,” Flanders said. Key Club decided “Serving the Community One Step at a Time” as the theme for this year. Members planned to dress up as waiters and waitresses for the idea of “Serving”.

This year, key Club is planning to volunteer at the Crop Walk, Festival of the Trees and restart All Night Volleyball event for students to raise money for local charities. “Friendsgiving” is also expected to happen for gathering members and sharing a Thanksgiving meal together. As the president of Key Club, Mackenzie Flanders expects to branch out more into the community and the school district. “I hope to get more students involved in the club and allow members to have a larger part in connecting with different clubs and organizations,” Flanders said.