Little Lions Put on a Show for Homecoming Crowd


The team celebrates their victory as the Marching band plays the almamater for the students and alumni to sing along. #41 (bottom left), Jacob Knutelsky, said “it feels weird to be a senior and I can’t believe that my last homecoming game went so quickly but I am excited to go onto new adventures.”

Caroline Simon, Staff Writer

The State College Football team played the Chambersburg Trojans in a thrilling homecoming game.

The Little Lions beat the Trojans 32/16 in front of the rowdy homecoming crowd making their season 5-0. State College played strong out the gate, scoring over half their points in the first quarter. On the second play, quarterback Tommy Friberg ran the ball 53 yards scoring the Little Lions first 6 points. Friberg then threw a pass to Keaton Ellis who was patiently waiting in the end zone to score 6 more points for State College. Defensive end, Nathan Lusk, intercepted the ball on the 25-yard line and ran it for another touchdown. This made the score 21-0 in the first 21 minutes of the gate. During the second quarter Dreyson Green scored and then another score came from Keaton Ellis. The halftime score was 35-9, the Trojans scored a touchdown and safety. During the third quarter, Chambersburg made an attempt to come back with another touchdown. #3, Keaton Ellis, blocked the extra point making the score 35-16. The rest of the game the score remained unchanged as the teams played evenly in both defense and offense.

Although this win is a win, the boys were disappointed by the way they played. Last year, they played the Trojans on Chambersburg turf and beat them 70-20. They, of course, assumed they were going to blow them out of the water which may be the reason they did not play at their best. Senior, Jacob Knutelsky said [the team] “moved the ball well on offense and did a good job on defense stopping the offense.” He thinks [the team] “ could have communicated better overall.”

The stands were filled with school spirit from the parents, alumni, and many students. Junior, Brady Dorner, and proud member of  the Little Lions said, “It was a pretty awesome atmosphere and I always love playing at Memorial Field.”

As a Senior, Lauren Hartman said, “It was sad to realize it was my last homecoming game but also exciting because I know there are bigger things ahead. Being in the crowd as a senior is definitely a lot different than any other year. There’s a lot more excitement for sure.” The game was exciting from start to finish and the crowd definitely reflected that energy.