Homecoming Floats


Carsyn Spencer, Staff Writer

Like most schools, State High has homecoming week. The school has spirit week, the homecoming football game, the homecoming parade, and the homecoming dance.

In the homecoming parade all the clubs and sports teams build floats to ride on through town and toss out candy to the children that attend. Making the floats is a process each group goes through.

First, the group needs to come up with a slogan for the year. Usually, it will rhyme with the year you’re in. This year, the State High softball team did “Bee kind in 20-1-9.” Second, you make your costumes. Softball did a play on words by saying “Bee” instead of “Be”, so they dressed as bees. Third, you decorate your float. You can use whatever resources you have to make it the best float you can make as a team.

Building floats aren’t just for students to socialize. The district realizes that this can help our school come together as one. It also has the clubs/sport teams build communication skills among each other and bond.

“I feel like this is a great experience for our team. It lets the older girls meet the freshman and it’s something the seniors really look forward to leading.” Mckenzie Shannon said. “Although there can be some bumps in the road, by the time the parade is starting, we have a great time.”

Speaking of bumps in the road, Olivia Herncane added “There will always be debate on different things for the float. Sometimes it’s hard to try and get everyone on the same page. But this year everyone stayed sane and we had a great outcome.”

In conclusion, State High hosts this parade as a part of homecoming week, not only for the community to get some candy, but also to bring groups together to bond and see themselves as one group.