J.Cole Motivates State!


J. Cole performs his song “Love Yourz”, which holds a very personal meaning to him. During the song, he told the audience to hold up their flashlights, which made for a very intimate atmosphere. “I loved the lights, it looked like stars and made for a very special and unique [environment],” said junior Lydia Fry. Following his performance at the Bryce Jordan Center, J. Cole will perform at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden.

“How does it feel now that you’re on,

How much are you worth?

How big is your home?

How come you won’t get a few features?

I think you should…

How ‘bout I don’t…”


When Jermaine Lamarr Cole was a young boy growing up on a military base in Germany, he never imagined that he would be a world-renowned rapper.

He is on his eighth world tour.

On Friday, September 28th, J. Cole paid a visit to the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania – about two and a half miles from State High.

Before he took the stage, Cole provided the ground with four opening acts. First, killEdward took the stage for just one song. Many people have the theory that killEdward is J. Cole, just under a different pseudonym.

Following killEdward, the up-and-coming duo, EarthGang, took the stage for a set that began with a very dominant political agenda. They performed a song that made a mockery of President Donald Trump, which received a mixed reaction from the audience.

Jaden Smith performed after Earthgang with an uplifting and energetic performance, which ended with him taking a walk through the crowd. He sang his hit song, “Icon,” twice.

“I was in the second row on the floor,” junior Noah Aungst said. “I got a video of him standing next to me. He high fived me, so that was pretty cool.”

Young Thug followed Jaden Smith with a performance of songs from his new album, “On the Rvn.” He wore a Penn State jersey during his performance, which drew positive reactions from the crowd.

The crew prepared for Cole to take the stage with intricate light designs and balloons that said, “KOD.”

“I loved the show, especially the luminaire designs,” junior Sophia Mochan said.

Finally, Cole took the stage with a setlist that was 24 songs in length. He sang some of his successful hits including “No Role Modelz,” “Fire Squad,” and “Deja Vu.” Cole took the time to talk with the audience about his struggles, shortcomings, and rise to fame.

Cole performed songs that he held very close to his heart as well, and told stories as to why they were important to him. His performance reminded people that everyone goes through tough times, and even if you are at a low point, a high point could be just around the corner. He also described the hard work that it took to reach his current level of success, including how his success did not happen overnight.

“J. Cole is the type of artist to be able to move an entire audience with his lyrics [that reflect] his views on society,” junior Andy Ladrido said. “His performance was one like I have never seen before.”