Veni,Vidi,Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered): A Latin Field Trip Success!


Latin teacher, Jennifer Schreiber, observes Latin 2 students Annie Gustafson and Hope Neal during a class activity. Gustafson (pictured on the left), who went on the field trip, said , “This experience demonstrates how studying the classics extends far beyond the ancient Greeks and Roman.”

Abby Reed, Staff Writer

On Monday, October 8th, a group of State High students, got the chance to experience college for a day. Latin 1 and 2 students went to the Penn State Campus to experience some Latin classes. Half of the Latin students went to a Greek History class and the other half went to a Roman Literature class. Annie Gustafson, junior, attended the Greek History class and found it fascinating. “I enjoyed sitting in on a Greek History lecture with a focus on gender roles in Spartan society and how the way the Spartans treated women and children made their society stronger,” Gustafson said. Gustafson also learned a lot from this experience that she can apply to her class at State High. “I learned about gender roles and historic societal values. No matter what subject matter you’re interested in, there are applications of every subject within the Classics to learn about,” Gustafson said.

Paulina Tabachnikova, sophomore, went to the Roman literature class and found it very compelling. “My favorite part of the trip was going to the Roman literature class because it was similar to what we were learning so I could understand it,” Tabachnikova said. Tabachnikova also learned a lot from this trip that she can apply to her Latin studies. “I learned about how Roman writers and poets talked about society,” Tabachnikova said.

The students ended the trip on a sweet note by going to the Berkey Creamery. This was the highlight of Gustafson’s experience. “My favorite part of the trip was going to the Berkey Creamery with my friends. Coconut chip rules,” Gustafson said.

The trip was a great opportunity for students to experience what Latin classes are like in college. The classes also provided information that the students can use as they continue their love of Latin throughout high school and beyond.