Boppin’ in a Winter Wonderland: The 2018 Winter Band Concert


Grace Roeshot

Heejung Koo, sophomore French horn player, plays her French horn during the Concert band concert. Koo said her favorite part about being in the Concert band is, “the people. You get to connect with so many people.”

Grace Roeshot, Online Newspaper Co-Editor-In-Chief

After months of preparation, the winter band concert commenced. On December 5th, State High band members congregated in the cafeteria to tune their instruments. Families and friends filed into the typically chaotic lunchroom; but on the night of the band concert, it was filled with jitters of excitement.

Heejung Koo, sophomore French horn player, said her most memorable moment in the preparation was, “playing the pieces all the way through,” because, “it sounded like the band came together and blended well.”

It began with the Sophomore Band playing the “Devonshire Overture” composed by James D. Ployhar as well as “Prevail!” by Robert Sheldon. Sophomore Band member and euphonium player, Nico Cardena-Miller, said his favorite song to play is “Prevail!”

Next was the Concert Band, which played “Daybreak” by Carl Strommen and “Chorale and Shaker Dance” by John Zdechlik.

The third and final portion of the concert was the Symphonic Band. They performed the “Library of Congress March,” “Kirkpatrick Fanfare,” “This Cruel Moon,” and “Metro Dances.”

State High bands build a community around a shared interest, providing students with a space to spend time with friends while playing an instrument. Logan Glaze, freshman trombone player, said, “I really like playing the instrument and also definitely seeing friends.”

There is a pattern among band members that friendships within the band are a main pull-factor to joining. Gina Dolheimer, sophomore french horn player, said, “I really like how close-knitted all the other band students are and how everyone really knows each other.” Similar to the bonds formed in team sports, students in the band diligently work together to create a harmonious song that compliments every player and instrument. “Of course,… we also tend to mess up together, but then we can fix our mistakes together, so I think it works out really well,” Dolheimer said.

The next band concert is the Freshman Band on Wednesday, December 12th.