State High’s Art Department is now “State of the Art”


Madeline Einfalt, junior, works on a painting during her master studio class in the new art space. Einfalt shares a reason why she likes the new rooms. “I like the space the new rooms have,” Einfalt said.

Abby Reed , Staff Writer

Over the winter break, the art department was busy moving into the new art spaces at State High. The new art rooms that were previously on the first floor in A-pod, are now located by the Cafeteria.

The new spaces provide many opportunities for students. One of the art teachers at State High, Mrs. Irwin-Furmanek, describes some of these opportunities. “The new space offers expansive space for students to be able to explore, experiment and create with a variety of mediums.” Irwin-Furmanek also mentioned why she enjoys the new space. “I enjoy that students can work freely and have access to a variety of mediums and equipment in a welcoming environment.”

There are definitely some differences between the old and new spaces.

Master studio student, Madeline Einfalt, junior, shares her thoughts on how the new spaces differ from the old spaces. “Units like oil painting were a lot more difficult in the old space due to size restraints. It’s also great to have many working sinks so that we don’t have to walk to another room if water is needed. It’s mostly different in terms of location and utility.”

Overall, the new space is a great opportunity for students to learn and continue their passions for art. The new spaces can inspire even more students to take part in the arts. There are 2D classes such as drawing and painting, 3D classes such as sculpture and ceramics, media classes including commercial design and photography, and various art history courses available. The complete list of art classes can be found on the State High Art and Design website. The arts at State High have a bright future ahead.