State High Takes On AP Testing

This image from the SCAHS Counseling web page shows the dates and courses of the AP tests.

This image from the SCAHS Counseling web page shows the dates and courses of the AP tests. “I had my AP test today,” sophomore Nate Polo said. Polo took his exam on May 16, and many other students will take more throughout the next couple of days.

Zach Orndorff, Staff Writer

One week in the month of May each year, there are two hours each morning set for standardized tests in 9-11 grades. This week following Monday the 13th, students of State High participated in Keystones and AP exams in various subjects.

One of State High’s great advantages is its offering of AP (advanced placement) courses at the college level. At the end of these full-year AP classes, an exam is there to test a student’s knowledge on the course. If the student does well enough, they can actually receive college credit and advanced placement in college. These courses are offered in a wide variety, which range from different history, science, art, and English related subjects.

Junior Lydia Fry was one of many juniors who took an advanced placement class. “I felt very prepared for the AP U.S. History test. I was originally hesitant about taking the class, but I love history, and I am very happy I ended up taking it. I know that some people didn’t take the test, and if I were them, I’d honestly regret it,” Fry said, explaining the AP test.

Another junior, Kyle Miller, gave his input on the test. “I have an AP test in history and I’m not really looking forward to it,” Miller said. Mostly seniors and juniors enroll in the AP classes, because of the class being at the college level. However, many sophomores take the course to try and get a head start on college credits.

Students around State High spent the past week studying, working hard, and thinking deeply on Keystones, and, more importantly, AP exams.

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