Model UN Resolves Tensions with Bellefonte in Hypothetical Scenario


Vice President Ben Brauser with new members of Model UN, discussing how to resolve tensions with Bellefonte in this hypothetical scenario. “The Model UN Clubs seems very interesting and relevant,” Gregor, a new member to Model UN, said. She encourages all high school students to come to a meeting in the future.

Jane Bolton, Staff Writer

Model UN held its first meeting after school on Monday, September 9th, in room C115. Led by President Anne Gustafson, Model UN replicates the real United Nations with members representing different countries and discussing a variety of issues at Model UN conferences.

“Much like the real UN, the goal is to identify diplomatic solutions,” Gustafson said. “Students make friends, develop comfort speaking and debating [skills], become smarter, and have fun!”

Students will have the opportunity to attend two Model UN Conferences this year: PHUNC at Penn State University from November 8-10, and BOSMUN in Boston from February 7-10.

Model UN will also hold simulations at State High on weekends throughout the school year. There are two types of simulations: General Assemblies and Crisis Committees. General Assemblies tend to be larger with up to one hundred delegates discussing more serious topics whereas Crisis Committees tend to be smaller with delegates discussing more playful topics.

There were many new faces in Model UN this year. Stella Gregor is a sophomore at State High and a new member to Model UN. “I heard about it last year… and thought it sounded like a good way to interact with global affairs,” Gregor said. 

Gustafson, the current president of Model UN, said a friend first asked her to join in her freshman year. After attending a conference, she said she “realized that Model UN lends itself to be intriguing and exciting through niche debate topics and valuable opportunities to discuss current events and pressing global affairs.” 

In the first meeting, new members worked together to come up with solutions to the hypothetical situation of Bellefonte invading State College. Solutions ranged from freeing the prisoners to fight for State College to barricading the streets using trucks and cars.

“I thought the people in charge seemed very enthusiastic and dedicated and the subject matter seemed very thought provoking and interesting,” Gregor said. Gregor plans to attend the next meeting.

Gustafson encourages all State High students to join, especially those interested in current events, international affairs, and speech and debate. “There’s a lot of freedom to deeply explore a topic at conferences while engaging with the aforementioned topics,” Gustafson said.

For anyone who is interested, the next meeting will take place Monday, September 23rd at 3:45 in Room C115. Be sure to come check it out!