“See You at the Pole” Meets at State High

Students, youth pastors and leaders gathered outside of State Highs flag pole, praying.

Rachel Silliman

Students, youth pastors and leaders gathered outside of State High’s flag pole, praying.

Rachel Silliman, Staff Writer

See You at the Pole is an event where students meet at their school flag pole with one objective in mind: to pray. See You at the Pole actually started in the early 1990s and has continued since then all around the nation. On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, six students and four youth pastors, leaders, and teachers showed up. They came to pray over their friends, family, teachers, peers, and over State High in general. 

Prayer at See You at the Pole was widely expressed in each of the student’s hearts. No prayer was the same. Each expressed prayers with desperation and love, full of compassion and hunger. Each student, whether it could be seen or not, had a focus in their prayers. 

Nicole Silliman, a State High graduate and now a youth leader at State College Assembly of God, came with a fresh and new expectation of prayer for State High. She led a prayer about the school and the students. 

“See you at the Pole is just another way in which we can gather together to pray, in agreement, for God to come and move in this community,” Silliman said. She went on to say that prayer is like talking to God on a telephone. That you can talk to God about anything and everything. “Prayer helps us to communicate to God, and I truly believe that there is nothing more powerful on this earth than that.” 

“To be honest, we didn’t have the biggest crowd, but it was still just so cool to see students give up their time to sleep in, to get to school early, and pray over their peers,” Silliman said. “It is just HUGE when we gather together in prayer. See Matthew 18:19-20, for it is then that God comes and moves. It was just so powerful, the presence of His Spirit was just so strong in that place when we all met up to pray in front of State High.” 

The people that attended See You at the Pole also mentioned a club. It would be a Christian based prayer club and it would be open to everyone. Those who need friends and fellowship, answers that are hard to find, and just a safe place. Not much was said about a club like this, but it was brought to the surface at See You at the Pole. Be on the lookout if you are interested in this club at a future time.

See You at the Pole challenged State High students to pray for their peers, teachers, and school overall. See You at the Pole isn’t something that just happens once a year, it’s a community willing to pray to see a change in State High daily.