State High Takes On Spirit Week

Sydnee Rockey, Emma Rockey and Mac Campbell participate in pajama day during spirit week. “It was a lot of fun participating in all the days this week,” senior Sydnee Rockey said.

Jacqueline Lawrence , Staff Writer

Spirit week is a week when the community comes together and gets excited for the Friday football game, the parade, and the homecoming dance in the upcoming weekend. With students and their school spirit, spirit week is an event that students will remember for a long time. As spirit week started, students got more excited for a week full of festivities. Monday was “PJ Day,” Tuesday was “tie-dye” day, Wednesday was “Way back Wednesday,” Thursday was “Green day for Mental Health Awareness” and Friday was “Whiteout.”

As spirit week is a student-run event, people have opinions as to how they feel about it, “I didn’t participate for all of the days this week,” Elliot Rose, sophomore, said. “I thought a lot of the themes were really fun, but I think communicating to the school, about what the themes were was a little iffy. With such a big school it is hard to get that across to everyone.”

In general, it seemed as if many people did not participate, which could be due to how large the school is and the lack of a closer community. “I feel like with a larger school it is harder to drive everyone in together when it comes to events such as spirit week,” Maya Ikenberry, sophomore, said. “With a smaller school it is easier to feel connected and closer to the students around you.”

Many students enjoy spirit week because it gives them a creative outlet. “I do not participate in spirt week myself, but for the people who do, I feel like it is a good way to express themselves,” Simon Murphy, sophomore, said. “It makes coming to school a little more fun and helps students want to wake up every morning.”

As spirit week came to a  close, the senior’s last spirit week did as well.  Many seniors went all out for their last spirit week. “Now that I am a senior I went all out for each day of the week,” Sydnee Rockey, senior, said. “It was a lot of fun participating in all the days this week.”

Spirit week gives students here at State High an opportunity to showcase their appreciation for our school and gives students a week full of fun.