Did You Miss the Halloween Dance?


Photo courtesy of Danielle Crowe.

Seniors Alexa Thies and Allaina Wagner posing for a photo at the Halloween Dance with the professional backdrop. “We’re working on projects that require funds that are going to beautify our school basically,” Wagner said. “We’re working on a huge mural project with the funds that we get.”

Kendall Kleinman, Staff Writer

Friday, October 25th was a night of spookiness and fun in the Delta Building at the State High Art Club’s Halloween Dance. The dance featured music, a costume contest, pin the tail-bone on the skeleton, and a professional photographer and backdrop to capture all of the fun costumes.

 Unlike Homecoming, which sold over 1,300 tickets, the Halloween dance sold 87 tickets in total. 

I had anticipated the Homecoming dance being held in September, as it was last year, which would likely motivate more people to buy tickets for this dance because of the gap between the two events,” Art Club President Allaina Wagner, a senior at State High, said. “I think that people were burnt out from Homecoming and expected the Halloween Dance to be similar to Homecoming, which is far from true.”

“It’s more intimate and you can talk to more people, unlike Homecoming,” senior Sydney Thompson said. “It’s a lot nicer than Homecoming, not as scary and our feet are safe.”

There was a variety of music played because when buying the ticket, students could request a song to be played, making the atmosphere more fun. The DJ was paid out of pocket by the Art club. Music still had to be school appropriate, but there were able to be songs played that people enjoyed. This made the dance very engaging. 

“I liked being able to listen to songs that I actually like, rather than like the Homecoming dance, where they play music that people actually enjoyed,” Thompson said.

The dance had the gym full of people dancing and showing off their creative costumes. Some notable mentions were Peppa the Pig, Guy Fieri, and Power Puff Girls. The staff chaperoning the event even dressed up. The winners of the costume contest with their costumes of the main trio of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off were juniors Emma Limegrover, Drew Davis, and foreign exchange student Lorenz Kruse.

“Great Dance,” senior Rachel Lembeck-Edens said. “Inclusive of everyone, Delta and here. Supports the art community and everyone gets to wear costumes and express themselves, unlike a lot of other dances.”

The dance was used to fundraise for the art club to buy materials that will go back into the school through a mural project for the Hub in State High and to decorate the rest of the school. The total profit from the dance was $375, which will all directly benefit the appearance of the school.