Getting in the Spirit with the Holiday Bazaar


Sophomores Lucinda Kaye and Caitlin Moser from the Environmental Club participate in the Holiday Bazaar. The Environmental Club sold jewelry and ornaments made out of recycled material at the Holiday Bazaar. “We were selling things made out of recycled material because there is a lot of waste associated with the holidays and we wanted to reduce that waste as well as show people that you can make nice gifts out of things that are usually considered trash,” Kaye said.

Adrita Talukder, Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 23rd, the Music Boosters held their first annual Holiday Bazaar. The event consisted of various stands selling goods, musical performances, and treats prepared by the Culinary Arts students. “We are hoping to include lots of groups from the community and the school to have an event that features our musicians and features different clubs that are creating products to sell and inviting the community into the event,” Janie Schaumburg, an organizer of the event, said.

The event featured a variety of clubs and vendors. The event provided an opportunity for clubs to raise money as well as kick off the holiday season. “The most memorable part of the Bazaar was actually before the Bazaar,” Lucinda Kaye, a sophomore from the Environmental Club, said. “The Thursday before the Bazaar we spent our club meeting working on ornaments together. It was really nice to all be working and hanging out because usually it is just the officers talking to the members but this time we were all working together.”

While clubs and organizers worked hard to put the event together, it wouldn’t have been complete without attendees and student musicians. Sophomore Joshua Lee was one of the musicians who performed at the Holiday Bazaar. “The Holiday Bazaar was a fun, casual experience. Listening to and performing alongside such a wide range of talented musicians was a fulfilling way to spend my time,” Lee said. “I could see the looks on many of the performers there, and their devotion and dedication to music was clearly expressed through their playing, which was quite touching.”

The Holiday Bazaar proved to be a great way to kick off the holiday season and get the community connected. “The atmosphere was very cheerful, there were so many fun booths to check out, and I had a great time listening to all of the performances. To me, the most memorable part was just getting to hang out with friends and talk to people at all of the different booths,” sophomore Emily Stoller said.

This year only marked the beginning of the Holiday Bazaar. Attendees of this year’s Bazaar can look forward to this event becoming a staple in the community. “Every year we would like to make it larger and larger and include more school groups as we share the example of what this can be,” Schaumburg said. “We really do want to feature our culinary students who made excellent food for the entire day, and extend the musicians to include elementary school performers as well as middle schools across the district.”