Schools Across the Country Celebrate American Education Week


Photograph/Zosha Muroski

The photograph was taken on November 19, 2020. Inside the photo there is an apple sitting upon two books alongside with two pencils. The image represents school as well as education.

Zosha Muroski, Staff Writer

American Education Week, founded by the National Education Association (NEA), was celebrated the week of Nov. 16 to Nov. 20, 2020. It has always been celebrated one week prior to Thanksgiving. It is a celebration of public education and everyone who takes part in giving quality education around the country. 

The very first American Education Week first occurred from December 4th to December 10th, 1921. The Department of Defense Education Activity stated that the NEA came together in 1919 to come up with better ways to achieve better public education. After many conventions, the NEA and the American Legions came up with a few ways to bring attention to the importance of education. One of the many ideas was to start an initiative to inform others of the public school’s achievements through a week-long celebration.

For every day of American Education Week, there are special events that take place. The first day is “Kickoff Day,” the second is “Family Day,” the third is “Education Support Professionals Day,” the fourth is “Educator for a Day,” and the fifth and final day is known as the “Substitute Educators Day.” Every one of these days contains special events, as well as appreciation towards the communities and staff at the school. 

While American Education Week is not celebrated at State High Area High School(SCAHS), there is no doubt that education is being appreciated at State High. African American Studies teacher Jon Lodge commented on the necessity of education.

“I do believe that it [public education] is important. Education can be an equalizer in our society,” said Lodge.

Afterwards, Lodge expressed why he personally wanted to become a teacher. 

“[I want] to make every young person feel like they have somebody that cares about them, and educate them along the way,” Lodge said. 

American Education Week allows for an opportunity to remember and recognize the importance and impact of education. The week-long celebration was celebrated in schools across the country and served as a reminder of the work that public schools do.