“Ah (Jam)it!”: Traffic Jams in the South Building

“Ah (Jam)it!”: Traffic Jams in the South Building

Caycee Ohl , Staff Writer

     As the school year has officially come to a start, it’s hard not to notice the constant traffic jams throughout the hallways and on the staircase. “Without the south ramp, how am I supposed to ride my heelys to class?” jokingly said junior Rob Hort.

     Due to the construction, the ramp from the first floor to the second floor is closed off, making the staircase the only way for students to go upstairs or downstairs in between class periods.  Hundreds of students trying to fit onto one staircase going two different directions makes it almost impossible to get to classes in a timely manner. “It’s hard to get to any class on time because there is only one way to get up stairs and there is a lot of traffic,” said sophomore Cassie Baker.

     Not only is the staircase a traffic issue, but the large lobby area upstairs has been divided into multiple classrooms creating an extremely skinny hallway that can only fit two people across at a time. When asked about how she felt towards the hallway, Tara Hutchingame answered with “It feels like a tube that I am being squeezed through”.  Due to the limited space, it causes a really slow-moving hallway and awkward, unwanted physical contact with other students. “I feel like I’m in the movie maze runner and it [the hallway] is closing in on me” said tenth grader, Joie Knouse.

     Hopefully over time students will form a better traffic pattern, but until then, the hallways will probably continue to be the mess.