Students Share Their Worst Holiday Fiascos



State High students shared their worst holiday memories. Among their responses, one mentioned discussing politics.

Halle Rager, Staff Writer

Oh, the holidays. The best time of the year. Spending time off from school, endless amounts of delicious food to be eaten, and relaxing days with your family. What more could you ask for? Though, what about with your whole family? Things can get a little rowdy, whether it be good or bad. That being said, here are stories of State High’s worst experiences with having others over for the holidays.

“Halloween, we were trick or treating. Everyone kept ignoring me. So, I walked up to this one girl and asked why they were ignoring me. She responded with ‘because no one wants you here’.  I ran home crying. This was in fourth grade,” sophomore Mia Reese said. At the time she felt sad, but it has since become something she can look back on and laugh.

“Competitive, stupids games. Everyone gets freakishly competitive about gift-giving. My mom has four siblings and lots of cousins. Each couple gets assigned a godchild. So if you were to give the godchild you got a five-dollar gift you’ll never hear the end of it,” sophomore Celine Matthews said.

Moments like this show a brief glimpse into Matthews’ family dynamics. Her family is competitive and there was some pressure to be the best of the best.

“Fighting, arguing,” said freshman Kayanna Myers.

It was a generalization of others’ answers. The first thing that would pop up in your head when you think of your worst experiences with having others over to your house.

“My family is the stereotypical very racist family, and lots of politics,” freshman Megan Maher said. 

The subject of race, gender, and sexuality being brought up at family dinners can get very awkward, as there tend to be people who are overall supportive in different communities and those who aren’t. It’s chaos waiting to happen.

“Couple of years ago, I invited my then boyfriend, which is irrelevant, to Thanksgiving. They brought their dog along with them. The dog bit my grandpa, it gashed his hand open,” said freshman English teacher Kara Frantz, in front of her entire third block class.

Her class was very shocked when hearing this, which is understandable. It was a situation where it went from 0 to 100 very fast. That was surely a Thanksgiving to be remembered.

Asking people about their worst experiences with having company over for the holidays brought up numerous stories. The replies all had one thing in common: fighting, which in and of itself isn’t uncommon. Though we should remember, it
is the holidays. It’s about being thankful for the things around you, even if there’s not a lot. More experiences are yet to come.