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March 1, 2018

It’s Morning in Syria                The night is darkest just before dawn, when the sun has not yet woken, and the stars still dance with light. I sit on the roof of my house, or what was the third floor before the...

molotov prayer

Alrisha Shea

March 1, 2018

two days ago i forgot to shower              and it nearly dried my skin                            to cotton rag                soaked in kerosene.   four days ago i le...

some arkless earth

Alrisha Shea

March 1, 2018

i long to undo adolescence                                        restring my vocal cords,                                                             make myself fit within...


Jaret Beyer

March 1, 2018

Homeport One routine post meridian                in my backyard Rose Marie and Juno        boats                 my siblings to guard I glimpse toward                 the...


Caroline Sparrow

March 1, 2018

I was in trouble, finding myself falling for Thunderstorms. the smell of rain Cleansing the earth; The flash of lightning lighting up my world; The rumble of thunder rattling the walls of my heart. But hard lesson learne...

Do not scream at me when you are drunk


March 1, 2018

Indigo clouds Dripping of vertigo Oozing blue through cracks in the sky Blood seeping into the fresh linen No golden lining here Except in your infinite rage As you blink, light flashes in the depths of your eyes F...

Never Ending

Abigail Baker

March 1, 2018

Beautiful eyes Beautiful mind, heart, body, and soul Trapped inside this wild ride that has completely lost control. Taking a trip to nowhere, going on without a plan. Wishes, wants, cravings, and more .. Circle her mind then leave he...

I Thought I Was Ready

Dalilah Fields

March 1, 2018

After only dating for two months I thought I loved you After dating for three I thought you were the only one for me But why would my one and only degrade me Disrespect me I was only fourteen when I was on my knees...

Robo-Bubble Girl


March 1, 2018

Where I’m From


March 1, 2018

I am from toads tickling my once tiny toes in the in the short stubbly grass And dogs waking me up by pouncing on my stomach like a treat From caring parents and loving families to crazy bike rides I am from gravel in ...


Elliot Llyod

March 1, 2018

it is a confusing cycle of pain a hurricane and tidal wave flooding heart and mind just when blue peers from behind the clouds I see the eye passed over more slowly this time   if another lie trembles from my li...

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