Lions' Digest

2020-2021 Staff

Adrita Talukder

Newspaper Editor in Chief

(Pronouns: she/her)Adrita Talukder is a junior and the Editor-in-Chief of the Lions’ Digest. She's looking forward to creating a newspaper that will showcase all the stories both the State College and State High community have t...

Abby Reed

Yearbook Editor in Chief

Abby is a senior at State High and the Editor in Chief of the yearbook. Besides journalism, some of her passions include sewing, photography, piano and playing tennis on the State High team. She is very excited to be a part of...

Isabelle Snyder(she/her)

WSCH Executive Producer

(Pronouns: she/her)A senior at State High, Isabelle has spent four years as a member of “Team Journ.” Isabelle has worked on and off-screen as a part of WSCH, and as a staff writer and editor. This year, she is serving as th...

Rachel Foster

Business Manager

(Pronouns: she/her)Rachel Foster is a junior and is so excited to be in her second year of journalism. After falling in love with the program, she’s decided to take on the role of Business Manager this year, alongside being a st...

Rija Sabeeh(she/her)

Features Editor

Rija Sabeeh is a junior and the team's features editor. As you can see from her picture, her main passion is eating. Hobbies of hers include blasting music(when alone. She has manners.), raising the dead, and not hitting the b...

Elisa Edgar

Opinion Editor

(Pronouns: she/her)Elisa is a sophomore and a Journ 2 student this year and is the assistant opinion editor for Lions Digest. She is looking forward to writing about issues that students of State High care about and she can’t...

Ethan Jones

News Editorial Assistant

(Pronouns: he/him/his)Ethan is a Journ 2 student and a News Editorial Assistant this year, and he’s looking forward to helping State High stay informed on important issues. In his free time he enjoys listening to music, watc...

Jarod Leynes

Sports Editor

Jarod Leynes is a senior who is a sports editor for the newspaper. Jarod enjoys being out playing either basketball or volleyball. He also enjoys spending time with his family whenever he has the chance. Jarod also works at Hom...

Hannah Hart

Yearbook Spread Editor

(Pronouns: she/her)Hannah Hart is a junior in her second year of the Journalism program at State High. She is looking forward to documenting the ups and downs of the year ahead as a yearbook spread editor, and is hoping to make t...

Abigail Kann

Yearbook Spread Editor

Abigail is a senior and a second-year Journalism student. This year she is excited about her new role as a yearbook spread editor as well as writing articles for Lions Digest again. Outside of school, she enjoys photography, being w...

Marissa Xu

Graphics Editor

(Pronouns: she/her)Marissa Xu is currently a junior and is excited to take on the role of Graphics Editor to help showcase the talented journalists of State High. Her other interests include art and tennis. ...

Cora Bainbridge

Sports Manager

(Pronouns: she/her)Cora is a junior at State High. She is a part of the school's marching band and plays the snare drum. As a returning member of the journalism team, she is also the new Sports Manager of the publication team...

Max Duverneuil

Photography Manager

Max Duverneuil is a junior who will be focusing on the WSCH morning announcements setup and anything to do with photography in journalism. Max likes to take photos for his Instagram. This year in Journalism, Max would like to t...

Jacqueline Lawrence

People Manager

(Pronouns: she/her)Jacqueline Lawrence is a junior and is so ready to take on her third year of journalism. This year she is a part of the yearbook team as well as the people manager for the yearbook. Alongside journalism, she is al...

Aika Orshybek

Staff Writer

Aika Orshybek is a freshman at State High, and she’s really excited to learn more about journalism!

Samantha Dunlap

Staff Writer

Sammie Dunlap is a senior at State High, in her first year of Journalism. She enjoys music, ice cream, and movies. Sammie is ready and excited to learn new material in Journalism 1!

Kate Hooper

Staff Writer

(Pronouns: she/her)Kate Hooper is a freshman at SCASD and a first-year in journalism. She enjoys swimming, reading, and cooking. Kate is very excited to write about important topics and meet new people through journalism!  ...

Adam Lieb

Staff Writer

(Pronouns: he/him)Adam is a sophomore in Journ 1 and he is excited to apprise the community of State High about current events and issues. In his free time, he runs, enjoys reading all types of nonfiction, and debates. ...

Halle Rager

Staff Writer

Halle Rager is a sophomore at State High. She has been playing soccer since her elementary school days and in the last couple of years has tried out hurdling, other than that you’ll find her listening to music or scrolling through h...

Arlo Nicholas(he/him/his)

Staff Writer

Arlo Nicholas is a freshman at State High and is in Journalism 1 this year. He likes playing trombone, reading, biking, and cooking.

Raj Anoop(he/him)

Staff Writer

(Pronouns: he/him)Raj Anoop is a senior at State High who’s taking Journalism 1 to play a part in the school news. He likes playing video games, taking care of his two cool cats, and hanging out with his friends and family....

Sophia Bills

Staff Writer

(Pronouns: she/her)Sophia Bills is a junior and is excited to be taking Journalism 1 this year. She enjoys hiking, yoga, reading, and art, and is involved in several State High clubs, including Mini-THON and Key Club....

Zosha Muroski

Staff Writer

Zosha Muroski is a junior at State High. This is her first year joining Journalism! In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends & family, cooking, and spending lots of time outside. 

Joella Alvarez

Staff Writer

Joella Alvarez is a 9th grader at SCASD. This is her first year in Journalism! She is very excited to take the class and experience the many opportunities it allows her to. In her free time, Joella likes to read comic books, coll...

Quinn Colburn

Staff Writer

(Pronouns: she/her)Quinn Colburn is a 10th grader at SCAHS. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with friends. She is excited to start Journalism this year and meet new people.

Eloise Dayrat

Staff Writer

(Pronouns: they/she)Eloise is a sophomore at State High entering their first year of Journalism. If you ever want to know where Eloise is, she's either running, traveling, or listening to music. This year, they're looking forward...

Natalie Pearson

Staff Writer

Natalie Pearson is in 10th grade and this is her first year in Journalism. Outside of school, she enjoys figure skating, hanging out with friends, and trying to draw something decent. She is excited to participate in something new...

Miranda Julia Marks

Staff Writer

Miranda is a sophomore at Delta, and this is her first year in Journalism. Miranda is looking forward to learning more about her community and sharing people’s stories. Outside of school, Miranda spends the majority of her time...

Allie Peters

Staff Writer

Allie Peters is a freshman and is excited to inform people about the events surrounding State High with Journalism 1 this year! In her free time, Allie likes to paint, bake, play french horn and play field hockey. ...

Jade Castro

Staff Writer

Jade Castro is a sophomore at State College Area High School, this is her first year participating in journalism. She is a part of the State High swim team and swims year-round in a club team. She is excited to see what this yea...

Hannah Garlin

Staff Writer

Hannah is a sophomore and Journalism 1 student at State High. Outside of school, she enjoys playing field hockey, listening to music, and spending time with her friends and family!  

Faith Bennett

Staff Writer

Faith is a sophomore at State High and is excited to be taking Journalism 1! She loves listening to music, going to the beach , and traveling around the world.

Maya Cienfuegos

Staff Writer

Maya Cienfuegos is a freshman and is taking her first year in journalism. She plays the alto sax in the marching band and loves to read and paint. 

Amanda Miller

Staff Writer

Amanda is a senior at State High. She is in Journalism 1. Her favorite things are Harry Potter, hanging out with friends, skateboarding, going shopping and spending time with family. 

Matt Allison

Staff Writer

 Matt Allison is a senior at State High whose hobbies include baseball and pickup basketball. His family is very important to him and he loves to live in the moment and enjoy life how it is. Matt joined journalism in order to g...

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