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Caycee Ohl
Hey! I'm Caycee. This is my second year in journalism, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I guess you could say communicating is my passion. I love to talk and write to share my ideas as well as news with other people. I hope one day to be involved with journalism in a political aspect. Perhaps one day you’ll see me on The O'Reilly Factor. Besides journalism, I’m also the manager of the State High Football team and a member of art club.

Outside of school, I’m a hippie at heart. As far as music goes, I absolutely love classic rock along with similar styles as well. I’m also a dancer so a lot of my time is spent in the studio. However, when I’m not there, you can catch me spending time with my friends, at a concert, or taking pictures.

I’m very opinionated so this year I hope to focus solely on what I think about a variety of topics, but more specifically politics within the school and community.

Caycee Ohl, Staff Writer

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Caycee Ohl