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Hi! My name is João, and I am a new journalism student. I was born in Brazil, but last year my family and I moved to State College; now my dad is a professor of kinesiology at Penn State. I don’t speak English fluently, but I can understand well. I decided that I want to become a journalist almost three years ago. In Brazil almost every boy wants to be a professional soccer player, but it’s very hard to become one. When I was eleven I realized that I wouldn’t become a soccer player, so I started to search jobs that have sports involved, and when I was twelve I decided that I will be a journalist. I chose this career because I can work with my passion (sports), and I can work on writing and talking to people. I don’t have experience yet, because in Brazil we don’t have this type of class, but I am very excited to take Journalism 1, because what I will learn in this semester will help me in all my life. Another awesome thing is I can also improve my English. Speaking two or more languages in Brazil is very important to become a good journalist. In July I will return to Brazil, but I am sure I will learn how to be a good journalist.

Joao De Araujo, Staff Writer

May 18, 2018
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Joao De Araujo