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Courtesy of Clarissa Theiss
Students Share Their Perspective at Board Meeting
Elena Wright, Staff Writer • November 23, 2021

Administrators, teachers, and students met during lunch in the Cafeteria LGI on Nov. 16 to discuss issues that impact the State High community. Everything from weighted courses to diversity in staff and traffic guards was discussed at the meeting.  The...

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Photo of Fullington bus station at 152 North Atherton, the location where the robbery occurred. Photo taken by Claire Fox on November 2, 2021.
Armed Robbery Downtown Disrupts Halloween Plans
Claire Fox, Staff Writer • November 4, 2021

As the first "real" Halloween after quarantine, State College residents certainly had big plans for the night of the 31st, but some of those plans were hindered when Penn State faculty and students got an alert about the armed robbery downtown at 152...

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The focal point for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) workshop: the official student aid website, where students can apply until May 1, 2022.
State High’s First Annual FAFSA Workshop
Rija Sabeeh, Features Editor • October 26, 2021

The average student has $36,510 worth of federal loan debt by the time they graduate from college. The average white student has the least—though still a hefty $30,520—while student loan debt for the average Black student is the highest, nearly doubling...

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State Colleges Best Black Friday Deals
State College's Best Black Friday Deals
Sophia Reutzel, Staff Writer • November 23, 2021

The year’s best deals are approaching as Thanksgiving nears, and stores across America have discounts on everything from bed frames to video games. The best stores in State College have great deals for anything and everything,...

Pronouns Graphic (included; trans flag as background, they/them, she/her, he/him, ze/hirs, and noun/nounself pronouns), created by Ace Moore
Pronouns: What They Are and Why They’re Important
Ace Moore, Staff Writer • November 23, 2021

TW: This article contains mentions of su*cide in the 8th paragraph. Pronouns. Everyone’s got them. From the wonderful she/her, he/him, it/its, and they/them pronouns, to the beautiful and eccentric neo and xeno pronouns,...

The State High Majorettes standing before their performance.
State High's Majorettes: The Most Glamorous Group in Marching Band
Sophia Reutzel, Staff Writer • November 9, 2021

With the school year's first marking period finishing up, many sports teams have finished and their seasons yet the excitement around school-run activities has never been higher. Along with activities, going to football games...

State High Girls Soccer’s class of 2022 players line up on the North Turf with their parents ahead of the varsity game on senior night, October 16. Players pictured from left to right: Claire Vollmer, Kaylee Schaefer-Hood, Kate Rowland, Kellyn Roth, Kate Lundy, Abby Edelman, Emma Corby, and Abbey Clifford.
State High Girls Soccer Celebrates Class of 2022
Sophia Bills, News Editorial Assistant • November 4, 2021

On Saturday, Oct. 16, State High Varsity Girls Soccer competed in their senior night game against Shikellamy. After a hard-fought game ending in intense, offensive action by State High, Shikellamy came out on top with a final...

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Pictured is an American flag hanging in room E133.
Should We Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance
Jacopo Congiu-Hughes, Staff Writer • November 23, 2021

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Whether you’re a student or a teacher at State High, you probably recite the same 31 words every morning at 8:40. But what do these words mean, and why do we recite them...

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IB students Phebe Herlocher, senior, and Molly Schreiner, junior, cut down their workload by utilizing study time. “It’s easy to stay on top of things if you stay organized and write yourself fake deadlines,” Herlocher said.
Attacking Procrastination
Rachel Foster, Yearbook Clubs Editor • November 4, 2021

Around this time of the year, it is undeniable that every single student is struggling with at least one thing. Assignments, exams, or even finding the motivation to finish late work, can all lead students to their downfall on the unfortunate path of procrastination. In order to finish any marking period strong, attacking procrastination and unearthing...

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Student artwork presented above the staircase.
Improving the School: How can State High be More Welcoming?
Katie Stewart, Staff Writer • November 1, 2021

Feeling unmotivated to come into school is a common sentiment among most students. However, with a more welcoming environment, students may feel more comfortable at school. One way to boost the overall spirit of the school is to have more art displayed around the school, and recognize student artists while doing so.  There are a lot of empty spaces...

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