A Guide to State High Homecoming: The Dance


Auden Yurman

A shot from the homecoming dance in 2019 captures the excitement of students as they crowd surf their peer.

Rachel Foster, Yearbook Clubs Editor

After a year of not being able to have a homecoming dance, State High’s student senate has brought back the long-standing tradition once again. The homecoming dance will take place on October 2nd from 7-10 p.m. at North Turf. Typically, the dance is held in a gym, but because of safety precautions due to covid, it will be held outside. Additionally, tickets will cost $15 at the door. 

“I’m excited for the dance to be outside because in my experience the dance has usually been really stuffy and hot inside, so it’ll be a nice change,” senior Ryan Schneider said. 

Homecoming first emerged as a tradition because it used to be more about celebrating alumni and the new school year. Even though this is still a focus, the students turned it into an atmosphere that celebrated everything State High had to offer. This included the addition of the dance after the 1970’s, and this dance has stayed a tradition since. The dance is another activity that is meant to build community and a sense of belonging around the school. 

Whether you are going with a date or with friends, the homecoming dance is truly for everyone. Some of the best parts of the dance are actually before it begins. Many students use this time as an opportunity to get ready together and take pictures. Upon arrival, students will need to provide their student ID at the door. Once inside, they’ll be ready to hop in the mosh pit and start the night. 

“After not having a homecoming my freshman year due to covid, I think it’ll be really special and exciting for all of us,” sophomore Tassia St. Pierre said. 

Attire for the homecoming dance is always semi-formal. This typically means shorter dresses and lots of khaki pants.  Obviously, there aren’t many places to shop for clothing in State College, so many turn to online stores or the Altoona mall. For those who choose to shop locally, Connections or Harper’s typically have great choices for everyone. 

However, if luck can’t be found locally or something more unique is the goal, there are a plethora of online shops to cater to those needs. Some of the more trendy websites girls have been using to purchase dresses are Lucy in the Sky Store, Princess Polly, Urban Outfitters, and Lulus.  For guys, some shops to turn to for all your button-down and khaki needs are Men’s Warehouse, Old Navy, Macy’s, and Express. 

This year, satin dresses with fun colors are all the rage. For guys, a classic white or cream button down will go with anything.  A long sleeve dress would also be perfect because it may be cold during the dance. Lastly, heels and wedges aren’t allowed on the turf so  dressier sneakers will complete any homecoming look. 

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