Humans of State High

“I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in a higher power, just not in the typical Christianity ‘old man in the sky’ way. I believe that energy can’t be destroyed or created, so it’s kind of all one big being. Every single thing is ‘God’. I was raised in a very Christian household because my dad is Presbyterian and my mom is Catholic and both of their families are very serious about it. I’ve been going to a Presbyterian church since I was born, basically, and we do prayers at dinner every night. So, I’ve always had this thing in my head going, ‘oh, obviously I’m Christian’ which is really hard to get rid of and I feel guilty for saying I’m not Christian. But I really just think all religions are right in their own way and they all pretty much have the same message, which is to spread love and be your best self and that if you do all those things and show forgiveness towards others, you reach a higher form of self.”


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