Homecoming 2021: Little Lions Fall to Central Dauphin 42-21


Sophia Cabibbo

State College works together to get a touchdown on Friday, Oct. 1 at Memorial Field.

Hannah Zaritski, Staff Writer

On Friday, Oct. 1st, State High Football competed in their homecoming game against Central Dauphin. Despite a challenging first half, and stops by the Little Lion defense in the second half, the team was able to fight hard throughout the game, losing with a final score of 42-21.

Central Dauphin jumped to an early lead of 0-28, leaving State College scoreless throughout the entirety of the first quarter. Senior Kyle Kurzinger scored the first Little Lion touchdown in the last five minutes of the second quarter. Throughout the third quarter, sophomore Owen Yerka made another State College touchdown, and with stops by the defense, Central Dauphin did not score in the third quarter. Closing out the game, State College had some ground to make up. They were trailing 14-28, and near the end of the fourth quarter, freshman Ty Salazer was able to help gain the last points for the Little Lions that night. 

“The team fought hard and in the end came back,” said Cory Raupers, quarterback coach. “Something I hope to see in the team’s future is growth, getting better every week, getting better every play, and getting better every day.” 

Raupers, although never happy with a loss, was pleased that the team kept fighting until the clock stopped. 

“It was a team effort; we may not have walked off with the win, but everyone kept their head up,” said Justice Vactor, senior and defensive end, expressing similar feelings about the game. 

Memorial Field was a full house at Friday’s game. Fans packed the student section, participating in the themed whiteout event, supporting State College until the end.

“The student section helped a lot. They kept us going,” Vactor said.

Although never satisfied with a loss, the Little Lions will be continuing their hard work to prepare for their next game at Cumberland Valley on Friday, Oct. 8.