Improving the School: How can State High be More Welcoming?


Katie Stewart

Student artwork presented above the staircase.

Katie Stewart, Staff Writer

Feeling unmotivated to come into school is a common sentiment among most students. However, with a more welcoming environment, students may feel more comfortable at school. One way to boost the overall spirit of the school is to have more art displayed around the school, and recognize student artists while doing so. 

There are a lot of empty spaces within the school, and lots of opportunities to give student artists the chance to display their artwork. The art/decorations that are already present in the school, like in the cafeteria and at some stairwells, brighten up the atmosphere. Displaying more art throughout the building could be a step towards the school becoming a more enjoyable place for some students. 

Lisa White, a local artist who also attended State High, explained how important it is to have the arts present in school.

“Having art throughout the hallways can actually be very beneficial,” White said. “It promotes creativity and keeping the arts in schools. When I went to school, I remember how exciting it was to see my art presented in the school, and I hope others get to experience that too.”

State High students are lucky to have a school where art classes are available, as in many other schools art has been cut from the curriculum. Art should be celebrated, and presented, as that is one of its prime purposes.  

Freshman Marissa Klat, a student artist who is currently in one of the State High art classes, shared her thoughts on the topic.

“Having more decorations in the school would be really nice, I’ve loved the art that is on the walls of the staircase, and I especially love that they were made by students,” Klat said. “It would be cool to have more opportunities to present art in the school like that.”

Being at school for 8 hours is difficult for some, so maybe with a boost of color and a more positive environment, the day can be easier to get through for some students.