Winter Got You Down? Here’s How to Relieve Your Stress


Elizabeth Prenatt

A picture of walking outdoors in State College—walking outside and getting fresh air can be a great way to destress.

Elizabeth Prenatt, Staff Writer

As school nears the end of the first semester, many students have found themselves struggling with their mental health. With stress stemming from schoolwork and their personal lives, feeling overwhelmed is a common sentiment among students. Having dealt with stress during the winter months in past years, some students shared ways they cope with stress and tips they’d recommend for other students at State High that they have found helpful. 

Freshman Avery Bopp shared some ways she personally relieves stress from school work.

I manage stress by hanging out with my friends and family and doing things that interest me, or things that aren’t related to what’s making me stressed,” Bopp said. 

Being around people you like and finding comfort in non-school-related things can just give you a break from academics and just allow you to enjoy life and not worry about anything at that moment. 

“Try to remove yourself from stressful situations, and try to find time to relax while doing other things,” Bopp recommended for students who are stressed. 

Taking a break and just doing simple things that you enjoy, whether that be reading a book, watching your favorite movie or TV show can help you relax and de-stress. 

Freshman Emily Whitney reflected on how she de-stresses.

“I manage my stress by reading a book. If I’m anxious about something it’s a healthy way for me to take my mind off of it, and try again later,” Whitney said. 

Reading a book and getting lost in what the author is saying is a good way to relieve stress, as it gets your mind off things and immerses you in another world.

Freshman Alora Tayllen shared a more active way that she destresses. “[I] go for walks and if I’m overwhelmed. I [also] make lists of what I have to do,” Tayllen said.

Having everything laid out in front of you in a list form can be a good way to lower your stress levels, and getting exercise or going outside for some fresh air can separate you from what may be a more stressful environment. 

Relieving stress doesn’t have to be hard. It can include just laying out what you need to do, being around people you love, or taking a step back from everything and allowing yourself to breathe.