Thanksgiving Food: Is It Really Worth All of the Hype? 


Hannah Zaritski

A spread of Thanksgiving dinner ingredients taken on Nov. 23, 2021.

Hannah Zaritski, Staff Writer

While Thanksgiving is known for the common spread of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry, stuffing, and a number of side dishes, what’s so special about this particular spread that it draws families across America to the table? For some, the assortment of food is something they look forward to all year round, but for others, it’s just not worth the hype. 

For many, Thanksgiving is their favorite meal of the year, like for sophomore Phoebe Henry. From the different meal assortments and many food combinations, Thanksgiving is one meal she enjoys every year. 

“Thanksgiving food is so underrated. It’s all-around a scrumptious and balanced meal,” Henry said. 

Henry’s favorite thing about the holiday is being surrounded by family. And while Henry, for the most part, loves everything about the Thanksgiving meal, she often passes on the cranberry. 

Biology teacher Stacy Sterndale said Thanksgiving dinner is also her favorite meal of the year. 

“The meal is comforting and just gives off good vibes. I think of it as a good vibe meal,” Sterndale said. 

Sterndale, like others, waits for this meal all year round, and gets excited for not only the meal itself, but the leftovers the day after Thanksgiving. 

The traditional meal may stand out to some, but definitely not all. Sophomore Nick Belinc is someone who falls into the latter category, and believes that Thanksgiving food is extremely overrated. 

“Everyone hypes up the food saying it is really good and acts as if they can only eat it at Thanksgiving,” Belinc said.

Belinc finds there to be nothing special about the food, seeing the only good items as ones you can eat year-round.

“The only good food is the food you can eat every day like turkey and mashed potatoes,” Belinc said. 

While Thanksgiving is still a beloved holiday by many, there are different aspects of Thanksgiving that people like, beyond just the food. While some look forward to the meal more than others, the holiday itself is something that a lot of people enjoy, whether it’s the aspect of getting time off from school or work, or just getting to spend time with friends and family.