New Bizzare Adventures From “Stone Ocean”


Image courtesy of Warner Bros Japan Anime on YouTube.

Gyasi Franklin, Staff Writer

After nine long months, Netflix has just released a dozen new episodes of the popular anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. The 12 episodes were released on September 1, 2022, containing six new arcs. Proceed with Caution, this article will contain some minor spoilers for the first half of the season. 

In the first batch, we are introduced to Joylne, a juvenile girl tricked by her boyfriend into taking the fall for a crime she did not commit. It is revealed that this scheme was planted by one of Dio’s old subordinates and priest: Pucci. By the climax, Pucci had stolen her father’s memory and learned the plan to achieve heaven. The following new batch of episodes, in summary, show Pucci/Joylne steps to reach their respective goals.

Each arc of the season flows into the next with a natural progression of events, with each episode being exciting and engaging.  Every character brings something new to the table, allowing for tension regardless of the many attacks. While the heroes go through revelations and character growth on both sides of the story: protagonist and antagonist. Pucci dominates the screen with his determination and growth equal to Joylne’s. Joylne’s friends increase in number and useful stand abilities as the challenges arise.

With the visually stunning art style, the intro masterfully plays on the color scheme changes Jojo has always incorporated. Like every arc and every season, “Stone Ocean” does not shy away from showing off its beauty. Joyce’s determination and a newfound love for her father shine through her character as she parallels Jotaro’s determination that he had during the previous season, “Stardust Crusaders.” While it has taken a long time for Netflix to produce, the content is still of quality.

This season does not only look like the show fans love but also sounds like it. The voice actors and actresses deserve praise for their performances throughout this season. Fairouz Ai and Yong Yea effectively capture the essence of the character’s voice. Also, with Yugo Kanno as the music director, “Stone Ocean” continues feels like a great addition to the Jojo legacy.

Deandre Redhead, a Junior at State College Area High School, is a longstanding fan of the show and had a different take.

“I am very ticked off; we had to wait nine months.” He exclaimed, “I was pretty upset; I feel like it should have been better for how long it took; I felt like it had so much more potential,” he explained, expressing his feelings on the past season.  

Benjamin Garthwaite, another Junior at the high school, felt similarly,  “I am very ticked off; we had to wait nine months … I’d say it’s the worst out of all the parts so far, but I am still hopeful for the future of Jojo; I know the episodes will be good.”  

Netflix has lost roughly 1 million subscribers and quickly adapted by canceling coming seasons of shows. Even with its popularity, Jojo is no exception; the animation of horses is expensive for David Productions. If “Stone Ocean” does not perform, or does, there is a possibility that fans will not be receiving another season. Regardless, we can enjoy the recent content.