The Dallas Cowboys are Failing as an Organization.


Dallas Mascot ‘Rowdy’ before matchup against Bengals. Image by The Dallas Cowboys.

Chase Mitchell, Staff Writer

Before I begin I would just like to say: I am a Cowboys fan. 

That’s right. In a sea of Steelers and Eagles fans, I choose to root for the Dallas Cowboys. There’s nothing more exciting than Dallas football. Between Tony Romo lofting it up to Dez Bryant in primetime and Ezekiel Elliott hurdling defenders for huge runs. However, it’s tiring. It hurts watching this team losing in the first round of the playoffs to an inferior opponent every other year. It hurts hearing Joe Buck and Troy Aikman announce huge plays that the Cowboys’ “Doomsday Defense” gives up. 

What hurts the most though is the front office and their amazing ways of completely failing their franchise quarterbacks, and ruining the happiness of all their fans, myself included. Jerry Jones became the owner of America’s Team in 1989 when he purchased them for 150 million dollars (more than Tony Romo was paid in his entire playing career). The ‘Boys have won three Super Bowls under Jones’ reign, but truthfully, those wins can be pinned more on the genius of Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer as well as the pure dominance of the triplets. 

Since the Cowboys’ last Super Bowl win- nearly 30 years ago in the 1995 season, they have had a measly 4 playoff wins with a full regular season record of 222-198 which is just over the .500 mark. In their 2022 season opener , the Cowboys lost to the Buccaneers 19-3 in an evidently lacking performance. Their X-Factor was former Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons, who recorded two sacks on Tom Brady and four solo tackles with an assist. The Lion proved he’s always hungry when last year he won nearly every award a rookie can win (one of the highlights being his Unanimous Rookie of the Year award where he was the only player to receive a vote from 50 different voters). 

Other than Parsons, fans of Big D don’t have much to look forward to right now. Star quarterback Dak Prescott will miss an important stretch of games this season after an injury he sustained to his thumb during the matchup against the Buccaneers. Fortunately, his surgery was a success and there are currently no setbacks in the time it will take for Prescott to see the field in Jerry World again. Prescott suffered a gruesome season ending leg injury in 2020 which completely derailed their season. It would hurt to see this repeat itself, and it doesn’t help that the Cowboys, who are historically known for having a strong offensive line, have let that efficiency decline for the past few years, having allowed 33 sacks in 2021 and 44 in 2020, respectively.  

Following the loss to the Buccaneers, Jerry Jones said,“I’m particularly disappointed for the fans… Dak will be out for a little while, we’ll be dealing with that as well. A really tough night for the Cowboys,” in an interview with CBS Sports. 

For Jones to say he’s disappointed for the fans is frustrating when he’s the one who thought it was wise to cut and trade away several key pieces to the offense, and expect great results from Prescott. He has proven he is a star and that the offense flows through him which is why it’s tough to see them hesitating on paying him in a new contract situation, which is similar to what happened with Tony Romo in 2013 when he almost became a free agent.

With hope, Dak Prescott will have a tremendous recovery process. While many want it to be speedy, the worst decision Dallas can make is rush him back into action before he is fully healthy. More importantly though, the Cowboys’ front office needs to provide Prescott, along with the rest of their team, the best treatment they possibly can.